Frequently Asked Questions

What? Makenna and Matthew are married? Why wasn’t I there?!

Makenna and Matthew were married on beautiful Anini Beach, on the north shore of Kauai, on December 7, 2011. You weren’t there because they eloped!

Far out! Will there be a chance to celebrate with the happy couple?

Of course! There are parties coming up in Oakland, Denver, and San Diego.

Great! Um, can I send along a little somethin’?

The best gift you can give is your presence at one (or more!) of the parties, but if you wish to go above and beyond, Makenna and Matthew are registered with Honeyfund.

Hey, how did Makenna and Matthew meet, anyway?

In January of 2009, Matthew posted a personal ad with the subject line “Dear Joyous Spirit” on Craigslist. Among many other things, the ad said “I am a Buddhist and a Burner, a leftist and a goofball. I am a recovered cynic who has come to see that people are in fact, by and large, wonderful, and that life is in fact, by and large, terrific. I sing in the car… You are guided by hope as opposed to fear, by curiosity as opposed to ignorance, by love above all. You manifest your chosen reality on a day to day basis, and have decided it’s time to conjure up a kindhearted, devoted, absolute catch of a man to share your life with. Have you actually made it to the end of my pitch? Here I am, darling: reel me in!” And Makenna did just that.

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